How to Plant, Grow and Care Black Dahlias

Have you ever heard about the black dahlias flower? This guide will help you to grow and care for black dahlias flower in your home garden. Keep on reading!

Black Dahlias Flower

Whenever we think of adding a dazzling warmth and color vibrancy to the garden, no other name comes to mind than Dahlias.

These classic-temper flowers give you a reason to gaze and decorate your garden with some vibrant colors. It starts blossoming into the spring season and lasts longer until autumn.

If you’re thinking of growing black Dahlias in your garden, read this guide on growing black dahlias flowers and caring for them.

Here, we’ll provide you with complete details about growing methods, after-care tips, and post-growing season care.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the post and read below to grow the most stunning flowers to decorate your gardens. 

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All About Black Dahlias Flower

Dahlia ‘Black Narcissus’

Dahlia is generally a form of tuberous plant that grows during the spring and lasts longer until autumn.

The plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. Other members of the Asteraceae family are chrysanthemum, daisy, sunflower, and zinnia.

The best thing about growing Dahlia is that it comes in rainbow colors, and their sizes also vary.

Black Dahlias Flower

Sometimes, it grows up to two inches lollipop style, and sometimes it becomes a giant flower and blossoms magically.

However, the majority of the varieties of the Dahlia grow only up to four to five feet tall.

Dahlias grow best in the moderate climate and even in moist soil. The plant didn’t survive in extreme hot and cold climates.

It grows to the fullest in sunny garden places and lasts longer for more than 120 days. 

Types of Dahlias Flowers

There are more than 60,000 varieties of Dahlia available to grow. But nearly 18 are amongst the most popular varieties you can grow in your garden.

The varieties include cactus, anemone, stellar, waterlily, collarette, etc. 

If you are thinking of growing beautiful flowers in your garden places, then here are some popular varieties you can grow. 

1. Miss Rose Fletcher

This is a spiky, elegant flow with a pink color cactus around the plant. This can grow up to six inches long and has shell-pink color petals. 

2. Bishop of Llandaff

It is a small variety with intense flowers, scarlet, small, and has dark burgundy foliage flowers. 

3. Bonne Esperance

This is known as “Good Hope  .”This variety only grows up to the foot size and has rosy-pink color flowers during the summer. 

4. Jersey’s Beauty

This must be a seven-foot-tall pink color plant that bears hand size long flowers that brings great energy to your fall garden. 

5. Kidd’s Climax

This is considered the ultimate beauty of the garden and has 10 inches bigger flowers with numerous petals and is imbued with dark golden pollens. 

These are some of the varieties of Dahlias that you can grow in your garden including the black dahlias flower.

Choose any of these according to the weather conditions of your place.

What is Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia means thrive and survive no matter how many obstacles come between your pathways. This also symbolizes strength, gracefulness, relaxation, kindness, and commitment.

Black Dahlias Flower

However, some people think that the black color signifies betrayal, but at the same time, it symbolizes the strength, energy, and power to withstand any condition.

Black Dahlias flower brings energy and positive vibes. However, it also symbolized the secret and hidden gist. 

When to Plant Black Dahlias Flower

Technically, Black Dahlia is a perennial species but can be treated as an annual species in some parts of the United States.

Tuber and the plant don’t tolerate the freezing temperature. Black Dahlias flower plant requires spring season to grow.

So, if you’re living in the winter zones and the temperature is dropping further, you can either drop the idea of growing tuber in the winter season or create the perfect ambiance to grow.

Black Dahlias Flower

Let the frost pass away or wait for the spring seasons to grow the tubers. You can also wait until the soil temperature reaches 60ºF.

Another best option is to grow the Dahlias in the winter season.

Let the tubers of the plant sprout indoors for at least six weeks and wait for the summer season.

How to Plant Black Dahlias Flower

Take a pot, fill it with potting soil and place the tuber into the indoor spaces. Keep the potting soil moist to ensure the ideal growth of the tuber.

Make sure to cover at least half inches of the tuber with soil. Once you’re done with the step, keep the potted plant in a warm place. 

Within a few weeks, tubers begin to sprout. When the conditions outside become favorable to support the plant’s growth, transfer the plant outdoors.

How to Grow Black Dahlias

Let’s see how to grow black dahlias flowers in your home garden when the frost is over. You can easily grow black dahlias flower if you follow the below procedure. 

When the frost is passed, and the sun starts warming up the soil, this is the right time to grow dahlia tuber.

You can dig a hole into the soil and sow the four to six inches deep tuber into the soil. Make sure to keep the tuber in the upright condition to avoid the trouble of growing. 

If you’re using the pre-sprouted tuber, ensure that you shoot the tubers facing upward.

Alternatively, look for the round eyes on the tuber and place it in an upward direction. Cover the tuber with soil and leave the upper end. 

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1. Soil Requirements

If you want to grow dahlias perfectly, then ensure that the soil is well-drained and has adequate nutrients to support the plant’s growth.

You can also amend the soil with vital nutrients and add compost. If you have clayey soil, then add more compost. 

For soil amendment, use the shovel and fork to loosen the soil. Now, add a handful of compost into the soil and maintain the ideal pH of the soil.

The soil pH must range from 6.0 to 7.0 to support the plant’s growth. If the soil is acidic, add some lime to neutralize the pH and add sulfur to lower the alkaline condition. 

2. Light Requirements

Dahlia grows perfectly under the full sunlight. Therefore, you can plant them in those areas where the plant receives at least eight hours of sunlight.

Black Dahlias flower can also survive better in the shaded region.

3. Water Requirements

Water is essential for the growth of the plant. But make sure not to supply water to the tuber unless it starts sprouting.

If the soil is wet, then it may damage the tuber. Once your tuber starts spouting, then you can start adding water. 

Do ensure to add water once a week. It is enough to grow a plant. Keep the soil moist to prevent drying, but do not over-saturate the soil with water. So, it is better to avoid frequent watering.

4. Fertilizers Requirements

Dahlia can grow nicely even in soil having low nutrient quality. But it would be great to apply fertilizers regularly to support the plant’s growth.

Ensure to choose the correct fertilizer that supports the growth of the plant. 

Add phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen into the soil. The ratio should be equal and avoid over-fertilizing the soil as it may damage the tuber.

If you are planting them in outdoor spaces, regularly add fertilizer after a month or two.  Follow the complete instructions, and check fertilizers packages to support the plant’s growth.

5. Staking

Black dahlias flowers can grow up to the height of five feet. But you can perform staking for better growth.

Staking is beneficial to support the plan’s growth and keep it upright. It also helps to prevent the breakage of the stem.

To prevent dahlia tubers from being damaged, you can insert the stake right after the plant starts producing tubers. You can also stake the dahlia plant when they start growing or reach the height of one or two inches. 

There are two forms of staking that you can use for the staking of Dahlia. 

  • Singular stake 
  • Cage stake 

Single staking is a form of metal rod or bamboo stalk which you can insert right next to the dahlia and use small pieces of the strings to support branches.

Alternatively, you can use the tomato-style cage around your plant during planting. 

6. Pinching

If you want to enjoy most of the flowers, then ensure to perform pinching of the plant. This procedure may delay the flowering time but helps to increase the number of flowers.

The procedure is also known as a topping and involves the removal of the buds when the plant attains the height of two inches or three inches. Again, make sure to remove only terminal buds.

You can do it with your scissors and also with your hands. But try only to remove the terminal buds and not all the buds. This helps to encourage the growth of the plants and let them bloom properly. 

These are all the growing conditions for black dahlias flowers that you need to take care of after planting them in your home garden. 

Black Dahlias Flower

How to Care for Black Dahlias Flowers

Dahlia foliage starts decaying during the frost season and ultimately falls off. So, it is necessary to take extra care during the winter season.

You can cut out the tuber during frost season and keep them in dry places by maintaining the ideal temperature. 

Alternatively, you can add dry mulch and cover the entire base of the plant to protect them from extreme winter.

As a result, Dahlia can survive better in Zone 6 and 7 without extreme frosting conditions. Otherwise, you can cut the tubers and store them.

Black Dahlias Flower

Pest Control and Diseases of Dahlia

Although dahlias don’t entertain so many pests and diseases causing microbes, still some pests can affect the growth of the black dahlias flower, which are as follows: 

1. Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails are the enemies of the Dahlia because they can damage the foliage of Dahlia when the plant is young.

If you see the slugs and snails, then handpick them or sprinkle diatomaceous earth near the base of the dahlia plant. 

2. Earwigs the Flower Eater

Earwigs can seriously affect flower growth because they can eat the buds and may result in tattered petals.

If you notice them around your plants, fill a container with vegetable or fish oil and drop some animals around the flowers. It helps keep the earwigs away from the flowers and keep your plant safe. 

3. Powdery Mildew

This is a form of fungus that coats the dahlia plant and potentially damages the plant. It can easily survive in low airflow and humid environments.

So, before planting your dahlia plant, maintain the ideal space between the plants. This helps to avoid the issue of diseases caused by powdery mildew. 

These are some of the pests and diseases that you need to take care of while growing black dahlias flowers.

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Right Time to Dig Up Tubers

The ideal time to dig out black dahlias flower tuber is when the flowers and top growth dries off completely. Then, you can start digging up the tubers during the frost season.

Do not delay the cutting of the stem unless it starts drying. The stem is hollow from the inside, which can decay tubers and affect growth. 

Digging the dahlias tuber is very easy. And below is the right procedure that you can follow to dig up black dahlias flower tubers. 

  • Take a knife and cut stems at least two to four inches in the length
  • You can also use the garden shovel or a fork to loosen up the soil. Keep in mind that the dahlias tuber is extremely delicate. It can damage when you are digging it.
  • Once you dig out the soil, lift the tuber of the dahlias from the ground. Brush up the extra soil sticking to the tuber.
  • Now quickly swish tubers into the water. Ensure no soil remains on the tuber because the soil has microorganisms that can damage the tubers.
  • Let the dahlias tuber dry off but do not over dry. Keep the dahlias at a minimal temperature of 60°F and 70°F, and make sure the place is well ventilated and out of direct heat of sunlight. 

And that is how you can dig up black dahlias flower tuber for the next season so that you don’t have to spend time buying.

Tuber clumps remain intact if you store them like this. Then, you can use the tubers to grow into the spring season.

How to Store Black Dahlias Flowers Tubers

If you think of growing black dahlia flower tubers off the season, here is the best method to store dahlia tubers. 

  • Keep the tubers at a freezing temperature of below 50 F.
  • Take a plastic bag and keep the tuber inside it. You can even keep the tuber in the cardboard box, which helps maintain optimum condition and flow of air.
  • The material can be wood shaving, Styrofoam peanuts, dry sand, vermiculite, etc.
  • Ensure to cover the entire medium of the tuber before placing the tuber in cool places.
  • Keep a check on the black dahlias flowers tubers occasionally during the winter season. Ensure to remove all the tubers that get rotten. 

These are some of the best tips that can help you easily store black dahlias flower tubers. 

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Black Dahlias Flower – A Dark Colorful Fantasy

This is all about growing the best black dahlias flowers in your garden. Black Dahlias are always a center of attraction in the garden, and many people admire them as pieces of art.

The magnificent flower design has also become my favorite body art. You know how to grow this full bounty of flowers in your garden.

Follow the above guide and start growing them to enhance the beauty of your garden places. If you want to enjoy the blossom earlier, do not miss planting the tuber in the early springtime.

In addition to this, provide the fertilizers timely and let those blossoms under the cozy warmness of the sun.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to enhance the vibrancy of the garden? Let’s follow the guide and grow black dahlias flowers in your garden. 

We are hoping that we haven’t missed anything in this guide. Happy Gardening!


  1. Is the black dahlias flower is real?

    Yes, it is real. The black dahlias flower has dark maroon flowers with a pinkish center. There are many varieties available as well.

  2. Are black dahlias rare?

    Yes, black dahlias species are really rare and you can only find 20 species out of thousands of dahlias variety.

  3. What month do I plant black dahlias?

    You should wait for planting black dahlias flower to plant only when the soil has warmed up. The best time would be between mid-April and mid-May.

  4. Are black dahlias flower poisonous?

    It can be toxic to your pets but not poisonous.

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