25 Beautiful Hibiscus Varieties to Grow at Home

Thinking to grow a hibiscus in your garden? Confused between different hibiscus varieties that are available in the market to grow? Don’t worry, we have a full guide that features the most common types of hibiscus varieties and their ideal growing conditions.

Hibiscus Tree Varieties

Want to beautify your garden with different colorful flowers? Hibiscus flowers are the only answer to the question. They are known to be garden decorators and blossoms throughout the year. The fascinating thing about the hibiscus plant is “countless variants of colorful flowers”.

Typically, this plant is considered an enduring plant with enthralling blossoms. So, whether you’re looking for flowers to decorate your porch, garden area, or balcony, Hibiscus has many variants. 

This blog will provide you with different hibiscus varieties that are excellent to grow in the garden.

Let’s read a short note about the characteristics of hibiscus flowers and find multiple variants to beautify your garden. 

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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

How Many Variants of Hibiscus are Available? 

Hibiscus is a versatile species that has multiple variants. However, there are three common species available with endless flowers varieties.

Different categories of flowers depend on the water requirement, condition of climate, and other floral characteristics. So, find out three different broad categories of hibiscus varieties then we will move to the next section. 

1. Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis (Tropical Hibiscus Plant)

The first one in different hibiscus varieties is the tropical hibiscus plant also known as Hibiscus Rosa – Sinesis. This hibiscus species has dark green leaves, pastel color petals, and a sunny shrub.

This is a tropical variety that requires a warm and humid climate to grow. It doesn’t survive in frost conditions. The colors of the flowers range from red, pink, purple, orange, white, yellow, and so on. 

Hibiscus Tree Varieties

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2. Hibiscus Moscheutos (Hardy Hibiscus Plant) 

This is the strongest species of the hibiscus family that can withstand all weather conditions. Whether you live in a tropical climate or extreme chilling areas, you see the ultimate flower belt that decorates your gardens. 

It’s a perennial species that typically returns to the spring’s blooming days. The color variants are red, vibrant pink, and white

Hibiscus Tree Varieties

3. Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon Hibiscus Plant) 

This hibiscus flower variety survives better in frost conditions and even tolerates up to -20 F. However, still, plants grow to the fullest in sunny conditions. Flower color ranges from purple, pink, white, and red flowers.

You may see double petal colors and has smaller leaves. However, it needs plenty of space to grow. It can reach up to 3 feet wide. 

These are the main categories in which you can put different hibiscus tree varieties. Now, in the next section, we will talk about the popular individual hibiscus flower plants that will help you decide which one to grow in your garden area. Have a look! 

List of Popular Hibiscus Varieties

Let’s read about the most popular varieties of hibiscus flowers. We have tried to cover almost every other popular hibiscus varieties that you can grow easily in your garden.

We have even mentioned the climate conditions these plants will require to make your choice easy. So, let’s get started!

1. Abelmosk

This is the most classic variety of the hibiscus flower. It is very strong and grows in the summer season. The name also knows the variety of Musk Mallow.

The color of the flower ranges from pink to yellow and is vibrant orange-red. Flower blossoms from June and lasts till the first frost. Minimum maintenance is required to grow in comparison to other hibiscus varieties. 

  • Height: 6 feet
  • Climate: Sunny weather 
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

2. Beach Beauty

Beach Beauty is a medium-size bush variety of Hibiscus. The flower petals have a glowing effect like sunshine. It propels during the summer season.

It mostly has yellow color petals with interior pink and white color. The flowers can grow 6-8 inches bigger, and the bush can expand up to 20 feet. 

  • Height: 15 to 20 feet tall
  • Climate: Tropical sunny weather 

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3. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a pink color hibiscus tree variety with having yellow stamen and a red base. This flower variety is excellent to attract colorful butterflies.

It can survive in the urban environment and is resistant to pest attacks. The flower can blossom in your garden from June to October. It doesn’t require intensive care and grows quickly.

  • Height: 3 to 5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to part shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

4. Blue Bird

This is the most enthralling and vibrant species of the Hibiscus. It looks attractive in your garden spaces. As the name indicates, Bluebird has a deep purple-pink interior and blue petals. It catches the attention of the visitors at a glance. 

It grows in the tropical climate and is good for attracting pollinators such as butterflies, hummingbirds, etc. 

  • Height: 3 to 4 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade

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5. Bedazzled

Bedazzled is a hybrid variety that looks like a ruffled flower. This has bright red and orange color petals. It usually grows in a tropical region where they receive proper sunlight.

Bedazzled is a seasonal plant that blossoms to the fullest during the summer season. This is one of the most popular hibiscus tree varieties that attract pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies. 

  • Height: 4 to 10 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

6. Blue River II

Blue River II is the best variety of flowers that grows from midsummers and survived last fall. This is a smaller shrub plant and has big size white flowers. They thrive in sunshine.

Blue River II is also famous as Swamp Rose Mallow and grows perfect in wet soil. This species can be grown till the last season of the frost. 

  • Height: Up to 1.5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

7. Cherry Cheesecake

Cherry Cheesecake is a reminiscent flower that grows to its full potential. Cheesecake requires low maintenance and has velvety-textured petals.

This usually grows in the rainy season. Besides that, the flower is rich in nectar. This is why it attracts pollinators. It has pink color petals, and you may see white flowers

  • Height: 4 to 5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

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8. Checkered Hibiscus

Checkered Hibiscus is a sun-loving variety of flowers. However, this can grow in shady places also. The bright color petals may survive during bright sunny days.

This is a medium-sized shrub species of hibiscus flower plant that can tolerate drought conditions. It is sensitive to frost conditions. But flowers are rich in nectar

  • Height: Up to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to light shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

9. Champagne

Champagne is one of the popular species of the hibiscus family. It has creamy pink color flowers and may turn to sparkling wine color. This plant can survive in slightly acidic pH soil.

Moreover, it can stay till the last frost and fall season. It’s a short-height plant and tolerates humidity conditions easily. This is one of the few hibiscus tree varieties that can be grown quickly in the pots

  • Height: 2 to 3 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade

10. Confederate Rose

This Confederate rose species is often famous by the name of Dixie Rose Mallow. The variety offers double color flowers and blooms during early summers and lasts until the fall season.

The plant can tolerate humidity and intense heat. This is a native species of Missouri. It produces a mix of pink and white color petals. The soil should be well-drained to grow this plant. 

  • Height: 3 to 7 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

11. China Rose

This is one common hibiscus species grown in all regions, particularly in the tropical climate. It is famous for China rose and has double color flowers. The flower’s color ranges from pink to orange and yellow

These are perfect flowers to decorate your garden and need minimum maintenance to grow successfully. 

  • Height: 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

12. Cranberry Hibiscus

This hibiscus flower species is famous for its glowing texture and stunning pink color. Cranberry hibiscus flowers are considered the gardener’s favorite. It can grow in all regions, and leaves have a copper, red and crimson color. 

This flower has a strong appeal and looks fascinating in the garden. The best part is flower is edible, and you can use them in different dishes. 

  • Height: 3 to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

13. Flower of An Hour

Flower of an hour is another most beautiful addition to your garden spaces. It starts blossoming from June and lasts longer till October. This has a big pale yellow color and white flowers. The flower has a dark purple color center. 

It can grow up to several months. Besides that, this flower can wilt after a full blossom day

  • Height: 2 to 5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

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14. Exuberance

This species is generally grown in the American region. The flower color ranges from pink, orange, red, and yellow.

Exuberance species also provide multi-colored flowers cluster that looks magnificent in the garden spaces. This means you receive a lot of pollinators in your garden during the flowering season. 

  • Height: 4 to 5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

15. Black Dragon

Black Dragon is one of the tallest hibiscus tree varieties of the family. The flowers of the Hibiscus have dark black color and may turn deep burgundy during blossom season.

This species is considered as the wildlife variety and grows annually. It can easily tolerate the humidity and may attract a lot of pollinators. The blossoms start from the summer season and may end with the first frost. 

  • Height: 3 to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial shade

16. Hawaiian Hibiscus

This flower species is popular as the Hawaii flower. It grows in the tropical climate. The species belongs to China and can develop during the bright sunny condition but bloom throughout the year as it can survive in frost conditions. 

The flower has a candy pink color, and you may observe some red center flowers that attract pollinators

  • Height: 8 to 15 feet tall in the U.S. region and grow up to 30 feet tall in tropical areas.
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

17. Giant Rose Mallow

Giant Rose Mallow is one of the eye-catching flower species you can grow in a garden. This is one of the hibiscus tree varieties that can grow up to 12 inches in height.

Mallow flowers offer magenta petals, a bright red center, and ruffled edges. This looks attractive and has fluffy foliage, which lasts longer till frost. 

  • Height: 4 to 5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun to partial sun

18. Kenaf

This hibiscus variety is a bright color flower that looks graceful in your garden. This species is one of the fastest-growing plants and survives better in tropical environmental conditions.

You can grow them during summer, such as August, and they will blossom till September. It doesn’t require much care so that you can grow them quickly. 

  • Height: Up to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

19. Tricolor Hibiscus

Tricolour Hibiscus is the best variety to decorate your balcony and garden places. This offers bright pink, white, and green color flowers in one plant. This requires a large spot to grow to the fullest and looks unique in garden spaces. 

The flower has a unique texture, and you may see the bright burgundy color center into the flowers. It can grow throughout the year but has zero tolerance to cold and heat

  • Height: 6.5 to 16.5 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

20. Luna Pink Swirl

Luna pink swirl is again the fascinating variety that enhances the charm of your garden spaces. This is a hybrid variety and very hardy. It can grow in the summer season and can regrow as it is the perennial species of the flower.

This hibiscus tree varieties offers bright pink color petals and red flowers also. This species grows in the summers and spring seasons

  • Height: 2 to 3 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

21. Lord Baltimore

This is another hybrid variety of the hibiscus flower that grows up to 8-10 inches. The flower has ruffled petals and vibrant red color.

Lord Baltimore is best suited to attract pollinators in the garden. The plant can turn into a big bush and survive better in minimal windy conditions. However, excessive heat and wind can damage the flowers

  • Height: 5 to 6 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

22. Luna Red Hibiscus

Luna red hibiscus is another best variety of flowers that you can grow easily in your gardens. The flowers can grow easily in wet conditions with full sunshine. Like other species of the hibiscus family, the flowers of this family attract pollinators as the flower is rich in nectar.

You can have plenty of bees and butterflies during the blossom season. It grows from July to last September

  • Height: 2 to 3 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

23. Luna White Hibiscus

This is another variety of flowers that belongs to the Luna family of Hibiscus. It’s a hybrid variety and has pink to white color petals. The flowers of this variety are famous as the glowing evening flowers.

This species can give a spectacular evening view of your gardens. It can tolerate drought conditions and bloom throughout the year

  • Height: 2 to 3 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun
Hibiscus Tree Varieties

24. Rock Hibiscus

This species originally belongs to Mexico and the United States. The plant is in the form of a shrub and grows on the rock surfaces easily. It can survive in a steep hilly region.

The flower species can also grow in desert conditions and have purple to pink flowers. This is best known for its ornamental value. 

  • Height: Up to 3 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

25. Rose Mallow

This is a giant variety of the Hibiscus. It provides multi-colored flowers. This is a perennial species, and you can enjoy vibrant color flowers throughout the season.

The flower’s colors change from bright white to dark maroon from the center. The petals of the flower can reach up to 7-8 inches in length. 

  • Height: 3 to 8 feet tall
  • Climate: Full sun

These are some of the most popular hibiscus tree varieties that you can grow easily in your garden areas. 

Which One you Choose?

Summing up, here is our list of the best hibiscus tree varieties. Every flower variant is unique, full of fragrance, and looks beautiful in the garden spaces. So, now you can choose the most beautiful flowers for garden decoration. 

However, take a glimpse of the flowers in your garden. Do not pluck them irrelevantly. They automatically shed once the season is off. 

Also, let us know which one of these best hibiscus tree varieties do you like? And which one would you like to grow in your backyard? If you are confused about how to grow a hibiscus tree, stay tuned as we will be coming up with a full guide very soon. 


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