How to Propagate Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura

Do you fancy having a prayer plant in your home? Or do you already have one and want to propagate prayer plant to gift to someone? If you are confused about where to start on how to propagate prayer plants, this guide is for you. Keep reading!  Prayer plant propagation is itself a satisfying experience on its own. The lush green leaves and small height make it a perfect indoor plant. Since this is easy to care for, and because of its several health benefits, the plant has become the prime choice of people to propagate at home. Also Read: How to Propagate Pothos [Full Guide] So, here we will discuss different methods to propagate the prayer plant, caring tips, and how to keep a check on pest attacks. All these tips and steps are very easy to follow that will help you to propagate the prayer plant.

Propagate Prayer Plant

So, keep reading and enjoy growing the prayer plant.

Is it Simple to Propagate a Prayer Plant? 

The prayer plant is very easy to grow and propagate as compared to other varieties of indoor plants. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when it comes to propagating and caring for the prayer plant. Moreover, it takes minimal time to grow and cultivate. However, it is very important to take care while you cut the branch of a prayer plant for propagation. The next part will help you with how to take care while cutting for the propagation of a prayer plant. Keep reading!

Things to Keep in Mind While Cutting Stems for Prayer Plant Propagation

You cannot take any random cutting to propagate the prayer plant. It’s not enough to have the cutting with stems and leaves with no node. You are probably wrong because you need nodes to cultivate the plant. The nodes are small brownish color bumps present on the stem. These nodes are generally present around the leaf base, where the leaf meets with the stem. You can cut below the node and use it for propagation. This way you have a better chance for the prayer plant propagation.

What is the Best Location to Make a Cut on the Stem for Propagation? 

Ideally, you can cut right below the nodes. Make sure the cutting you get has nodes. Moreover, you can also take those cuts and cut the nodes having leaves, stems, and nodes. The cutting must have the leaves and node because the plant will only propagate from the region of the node; otherwise, the cutting is not good for propagation. You can propagate pothos the same way.

Propagate Prayer Plant

How to Propagate Prayer Plant?

Till now, we are sure you get an idea that propagating a prayer plant is not rocket science, you just have to take care of cutting the stem with nodes for the propagation. We are sure that the above section will help you with that. Now, comes the part where you will learn how to propagate prayer plants through various methods. You can choose whatever you want and find it easy for prayer plant propagation.

Method 1: Propagate a Prayer Plant through Water

This is one of the easiest methods to propagate the prayer plant. Moreover, you can easily recover a healthy plant from the infected plant by using this method. For propagation, you need the following things.
  • Existing prayer plant to collect the nodes cutting
  • Sharp tool for cutting nodes
  • Water jar or possible a glass jar
  • A transparent plastic bad
  • Water
Follow the below-mentioned steps for the propagation of the prayer plant through water: 1. Take Cuttings  As already discussed above, you can take the stem cutting by following the above steps for the cutting of the stem. Make sure the cutting you are using has small nodes and leaves. You can easily spot these nodes on the plants. Look out the leaves and see small bumps around the joining point of the stem and leaves. Leave half an inch stem below the nodes and cut it. The cut should be clean, not torn or broken. A clean cut is helpful for the propagation of the plant. 2. Place the Cutting in the Water  Take a transparent jar and fill it with water. Make sure to use distilled water to place the cutting. Keep it to room temperature until the water comes to normal temperature. You can leave it for 24 hours. Now, take the cuttings and submerge them completely into the water. The upper region of the stem and nodes should be immersed in water. Trim the leaves if present in excess. It may take a few weeks to produce roots. So, you have to wait for some time. In between, you need to push or cut the plant’s leaves.

Propagate Prayer Plant

3. Bag the Jar with Plastic Paper if Needed Take a plastic bag and wrap it completely around the jar. Cover the leaves. It helps to create the humidity and maintain the ideal temperature for propagation. You can keep the pot in a bright spot. But avoid keeping them under the direct heat of the sun. Also Read: How to Grow and Care for Philodendron 4. Change Water Once After Two Days Wait for some time now. The new roots sign doesn’t appear immediately. It may take a few weeks to grow roots. However, the time is not specified for how long you have to wait to get the roots. So, it would be great to keep patience and wait for a long time. In addition to this, you need to change the water of the jar once after two or three days. Many people make the same mistake of not changing water. If you do not change the water at regular intervals, the growth may be slow, and you cannot see the roots. So, changing water can help to propagate faster. Moreover, changing water can help avoid the issues of growing algae which may damage the plant. Within a month, you’ll see the roots of the plant. 5. Plant into the Soil When you observe the roots of the plants, you can either wait for some time to grow more roots or transplant the plant into the pot. Once your plant is ready for propagation, take a pot and fill it with pot mix. You can also fill it with soil and compost. Add some water to moisten the soil and take the water propagated plant. Dig a hole into the soil and place the cutting. Be sure to cover the roots with soil completely. Also, wrap the pot with a plastic cover during propagation. The transparent bag helps to pass the light and maintain the humidity level. Once it starts propagating, remove the bag and let them flourish naturally. And that is how you can propagate a prayer plant through the water. Ain’t it easy to do so? There are a few other ways that will help you with prayer plant propagation that we have mentioned below. Keep scrolling.

Propagate Prayer Plant

How to do Slip Propagation? 

The slip propagation method is very common and best suited to propagate the prayer plant. Look for healthy plants to prepare slips. If you get so many stems, divide them into different slips. Once you are ready with the slips, do follow the steps below on how to propagate prayer plant through the slip method.
  • Take a clean pot and fill it with a potting mix.
  • Next, remove the prayer plant from the previous pot and pull it out gently. Brush off all the excess soil and look at the root system. Collect the parts of the root having stems.
  • Tease out different roots and stems clumps with your fingertips. This part you get is known as a slip. Replant these slips in the pot, having a potting mix.
And that is how you will get the new plants from the slips. The next section will help you to propagate the prayer plant from the seed if you find this one a little difficult.

How to Propagate Prayer Plant from Seed?

We understand that finding the seeds of the prayer plant is not easy. However, still, you get the chance to propagate it from seed. Of course, in indoor conditions, it doesn’t produce flowers and that’s why doesn’t produce seeds. But if it grows naturally in an open environment, you get the chance to see flowers and get the seeds that you can use later to propagate. Once you get the seeds, sow them into the moist or nutrition-rich medium. Keep in mind to maintain the ideal temperature of 55-65 degrees F. Provide adequate moisture and let them germinate by covering them. You can use a plastic bag as a cover. It helps to create humidity and retain the moisture for longer. Timely you can expose the plant to normal air so that the plant can breathe naturally and let the prayer plant adapt to its surrounding nature. In a few weeks, you will see the first true leaves and gradually increase the water. This is how you can propagate prayer plants from seeds. The next section will help you to take care of a prayer plant in its growing stage. Have a look!

Propagate Prayer Plant

How to Care for a Prayer Plant? 

Prayer plants can grow best in indirect sunlight. However, the sun’s direct heat can damage the prayer plant and may kill them. So, it is advised to keep them away from the sun’s direct heat. In addition to this, make sure the plant doesn’t get over-soggy with water. It may damage the roots of the plant. Always use a good drainage pot with holes. It requires humidity to grow to the fullest. You can use a spray bottle to create the humidity.

Is Misting Helpful for the Prayer Plant? 

Misting can help to increase the humidity level around the plant. Therefore, it is ideal for the growth of the prayer plant. However, be sure to only mist when your plant craves the humidity. Also, use distilled water for misting because regular water can cause brown spots as it contains fluoride. You can also take some help from how to take care of big leaf plants post.

What are the Reasons for Brown Tips/ Spots on Prayer Plant? 

Brown spots or tips on leaves of prayer plants usually occur when you do not provide enough water and keep them under the sun’s direct heat. Therefore, keep a check on the leaves and notice if the plant leaves look brown and crispy. This probably happens due to sunburn and when the plant is dry. Make sure you water them properly. Do check a list of common problems and solutions to fix yellow leaves on plants.

What Kind of Pest can Attack a Prayer Plant? 

The prayer plant isn’t affected by the outdoor pest. However, the house spider mites, aphids, and mealybugs can attack the prayer plant. So, you’ve to be sure no outdoor plant comes in contact with the prayer plant whenever you bring them home. In addition, the outdoor plants may have mites and mealybugs on the leaves, which may attack your indoor plants. So, before you bring them, do check all these things to make sure you bring a healthy plant home.

Propagate Prayer Plant

Would you Propagate Prayer Plant?

This is everything you need to know about propagating prayer plant through seeds, slips, or water. You can choose any method that you want as per your convenience. A prayer plant is easy to grow if you follow the above guide and care for it. When you start propagating this plant, make sure you create the ideal environment, such as temperature, humidity, and more. In addition to this, supply adequate nutrient supply and use compost. Add water when the soil becomes dry. Finally, when transferring the plant, ensure that the roots don’t get damaged. Remove the dust from the leaves with the help of water or a damp cloth. It helps the plant to breathe properly. Last but not least, protect them from the sun’s direct heat. It may damage the plant. This is all we have today for you on how to propagate prayer plant. Following this guide will help you to propagate prayer plant easily and you will have a healthy plant in no time. So, what do you think, will you start a prayer plant propagation at your home? Do let us know in the comments section below.


  1. How much time does it take for the prayer plant to propagate? After a few weeks or a month, you will see roots at the bottom of the plant. Once you find it, you can transfer it to the pot.
  2. Why is my prayer plant not growing for a long time? There could be a few reasons that could lead to the slow growth of the prayer plants. A few of the major reasons are not getting the sunlight, the soil is lacking in nutrients, or roots getting tampered with being in a small pot. Another reason could be the seasonal changes that you need to worry about.
  3. How much water should I give to the prayer plant? Typically, you should water the prayer plant once in one or two weeks. Do check when the soil is dry till half of the pot. Also, if you have placed your prayer plant in brighter conditions, you need to water them properly.

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