How to Plant a Mango Seed

How to plant a mango seed and have delicious mangoes right from the garden areas? The easiest method to grow a mango tree is by using the seeds of the mangoes. The hard husky element inside the mango contains the seed. You can grow mango plants in tropical climates.

So, if you live in a tropical climate zone, it would be a bonus for you. However, you can still grow a mango plant within indoor spaces as a houseplant and transfer it later into the open ground soil. But do you know how to plant a mango seed? Well, it is not hard if you follow our guide. 

Yes, you can grow the mango plant by following these exciting ways. So, if you are thinking of growing a mango plant, here is a quick guide on this that will help you to plant mango seed. But, before we move further to know about exciting ways, let’s read about the quick things that you need to take care of if you are planning to plant a mango seed.

What Are the Things You Need to Take Care Of?

Mango plants grow excellently in the tropical environment. However, if you’re sufficient enough to create that environment at your location, you can grow a mango plant very easily. Here are some quick care tips that you need to take care of while growing a mango plant. 

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1. Ideal Warmth for Mango Plant 

Mango trees grow excellently in the temperature range between 21 degrees to 24 degrees. Remember that mango trees could not survive in extreme weather conditions below .5 degrees but can tolerate up to 48-degree temperature.

2. Humidity and Light 

The Mango plant can grow excellently in the 50-60% humidity range. The flowers of the mango plant can tolerate this much humidity. However, if the humidity increases, then it may affect the blossoms. At the same time, the mango tree requires intense heat. So, make sure to prevent direct sunlight as it may dry out the plant. 

3. Location

You can keep the plant under the spotted sun during the summer season to receive maximum heat. However, you can keep it indoors during the spring season if it is smaller

4. Fertilizer Application 

Though no research shows mango plants need any specific fertilizer, it would be great to apply fertilizer, particularly NPK. The ratio must be 1:1:1. 

How Long Does the Mango Tree Take to Grow? 

The mango tree takes a long time to grow than any other fruiting plant. It usually gets mature within five to eight years. But its bare age is between three to four years. 

How to Plant A Mango Seed? 

The most interesting thing about the mango tree is that the seed never protrudes out, or fruiting doesn’t occur in areas where you grow a mango tree in artificial conditions. So if you want to enjoy fruiting, you need to grow them in the natural environment. 

Additionally, you can use the greenhouse to grow mango plants for optimum fruiting. There are three different methods to grow mango from seeds. Let’s look now at different methods to grow the mango plant easily. 

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Method 1: Plant a Mango Seed Directly in the Soil

Here is the stepwise guide that helps grow the mangoes directly from the seed into the soil. So let’s have a look and follow the guide. But before you start, keep in mind that it takes up to months to become a young plant, so you need to be calm. 

  1. Take the mango, clean all the flesh from it, and separate the husk region. Now, take the scissor or any other pointed knife to cut the husk and expose the seed. After that, soak mango seeds in water. It would be great to soak it overnight. 
  2. Now, prepare the soil and add compost to it. Make sure to choose the compost that helps maintain ideal drainage and keep the soil moist, not too wet. If you grow the mango plant into the pot, leave some space free. 
  3. Now, press the mango seed gently into the soil. Do ensure it stood up in the right manner into the compost. You can add more compost later to cover the pot. 
  4. Once composting is done, keep it in a darker place to receive excellent warmth, and the compost will maintain humidity. 
  5. Timely water the seed to ensure that soil does not dry out completely
  6. As soon as the shoots from the mango seed protrude out from the soil surface, you can move the mango plant pot into the sunlight so that it can grow ideally. 

And that is how you can plant a mango seed directly into the soil. Make sure to move into the ground once it has taken some height in the pot. The next section is basically for those who want to have a little experiment. Do check it out. 

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Method 2: Plant a Mango Seed Using Paper Towel 

You can also grow a mango plant from the seed using a paper towel. The method is easy and has a better success rate than sowing seed into the soil. Moreover, the method doesn’t cost you extra to plant a mango seed. 

All you need is a zipper bag, a paper towel, and a mango seed. Here is the step-by-step guide that you need to follow on how to plant a mango seed using a paper tower. 

  1. As discussed above, before you start sowing seed, separate all the flesh from mango and cut the husk with a knife to expose the seed. It looks flurry and a little white when you clean all the flesh.
  2. Now dip the seed into the glass of water for at least 24 hours. Now, take the husk out of the water. There is no need to remove the husk completely from the seed. 
  3. Next, wrap the seed with a paper towel and moisten it by sprinkling water.
  4. Once the step is done, place the seed into the plastic zipper bag. Make sure to make small holes so that air can easily pass from the bag.
  5. Keep the bag in a warm place so that the seed can germinate. This way, you will start seeing the early growth signs within a few days. 
  6. When the seed is germinated, transfer the plant into the compost and soil mixture and pour adequate water into it. Ensure to supply the proper amount of water and add fertilizers for proper growth.

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Method 3:  Grow Mangoes from Seed in Water

Don’t want to make extra efforts to grow mango plants and wait for longer? Here is a simple hack to grow plants effortlessly. You can grow mango seeds in water. 

  1. Remove the flesh and husk from the seed and press two or three toothpicks on each side of the mango seed.
  2. Next, take a glass of water and submerge half of the mango seed into it. Hold the toothpick out of the glass so that it can keep the seed top half above the level of water
  3. Change water every week so that it doesn’t affect bacterial growth and keep it fresh for longer. 
  4. As soon as you start seeing the sign of roots and stems, shift the mango seed into the soil with compost so that it can grow properly


  1. Can I grow a mango plant in indoor spaces?

    Yes, you can grow the mango plant in your indoor spaces by following the paper towel and water method. However, as the plant grows bigger, you have to shift into your garden area for ideal growth. Ensure to maintain the ideal temperature and warm condition to grow it properly. 

  2. In which season can I grow mango plants?

    Mango plants grow ideally in a tropical climate and warmer seasons. However, it grows optimally between April to June. After that, it grows in the summer season, but it starts flowering in winter.

    However, if you are not living in a tropical environment and want to grow the mango plant, create the optimal condition and use the greenhouse to create the ideal conditions for the mango plant’s growth. 

  3. Is it necessary to remove the husk from the mango seed before sowing?

    Yes, you need to remove the husk from the mango seed to expose it so that it can germinate faster and be ineffective. However, there is no need to remove the husk completely; you can cut the husk to receive warmth and expose it to air. 

  4. When does the mango tree start fruiting?

    The mango tree starts fruiting when it matures enough. Ideally, it starts fruiting when it is above five to eight years old. However, some mango trees may take more than eight years to start fruiting. So, you have to keep patience a little longer to enjoy fruiting.

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Plant a Mango Seed Now!

So, here we sum up the guide on how to plant a mango seed. We hope you’ve enjoyed the guide. Growing a mango plant requires a lot of patience as it takes a longer time than other fruiting plants.

In addition to this, you need to maintain the optimum condition to enjoy faster growth. But it doesn’t produce fruit in artificial conditions, so ensure to create an ambient environment like a tropical zone to get the fruits and grow plants faster. 

Would you give it a try to plant a mango seed? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below and also tell us which one of the above methods you followed to plant a mango seed. Till then, happy gardening! 

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