How to Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

Do you love a weeping cherry tree? Wish to have one in your garden? If yes, this article will have a complete guide on how to grow weeping cherry tree on your own. Keep reading!

Weeping cherry trees are one of the season’s prettiest trees to bloom during the spring season. This picturesque beauty is covered in cascading branches with pink or white flowers. It has become one of the most popular and requested trees by individuals who want to plant trees. Although native to China, the weeping cherry tree was first cultivated in Japan and is a popular aspect of Japanese culture. It also represents an act of friendship.

The weeping cherry tree is a graceful tree that will grab everyone’s attention with its breathtaking appearance. 

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

Are you looking for more information regarding weeping cherry trees? Do you want to grow weeping cherry trees within your region? If your answer is yes, follow us in this article to discuss all you need to know about a weeping cherry tree. 

A Little Overview About Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry trees are deciduous ornamental trees with arching branches that produce clusters of flower blooms. While they come in many different shapes and sizes, some of the common varieties are Snow fountain, Higan, and Shidare Yoshino. 

The dangling branches of weeping cherry trees are covered in pink or white blooms, which add to their beauty. Each variety has a distinct growth habit that produces beautiful flowers in the spring. While they appear shiny green in the summer, they turn golden yellow in the fall before falling to the ground in the winter, leaving the tree’s bark bronze. 

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Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

Is Dwarf Weeping Cherry is a Thing?

As you all know weeping cherry is a species that grows huge. It is a big tree so actually, there’s no dwarf weeping cherry

Dwarf weeping cherries are nothing but young trees of weeping cherry. When the weeping cherry tree receives regular pruning throughout the growing season, these are small trees that stay in a dwarf height of about 3 to 5-feet, depending upon the tree’s age.

A dwarf cherry tree makes the perfect addition to more miniature landscapes. During the growing season, the pruning strategy helps the trees develop a thick canopy. Thus keeping the shape of dwarf weeping cherry trees in a compact size. 

You can also start bonsai gardening at home if you love growing dwarfs in your home.

Types of Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry trees come in a different range of varieties, but each tree has a distinctive size and color of blossom. Here are the top different types of Weeping cherry trees that you can choose according to your region and climate. Have a look: 

1. Kiku Shidare Zakura

This type of weeping cherry tree is a Japanese flowering dwarf variant that bears many clusters of double deep pink flowers in May and April.

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

2. Snow Showers

Snow showers are a dwarf variety that bears clusters of single, pure white flowers during March and April.

3. Shidare Yoshino

This tree is also known as Yoshino cherry, forming a widespread weeping branch that bears masses of showy white or blushed pink flowers in March and April

4. Pendula Rubra

This type of weeping cherry is a smaller variety that grows in planter boxes. It produces large quantities of single bright pink flowers in March and April. This type of variety is best known for its striking autumn leaf color. 

These are some of the varieties of the weeping cherry tree. You can choose according to the place where you live and grow weeping cherry tree. 

When is the Best Time to Plant Weeping Cherry Tree?

The best time to plant a weeping cherry tree is during the early spring or late fall season. Though you can plant it at any time of the year, planting during the spring season will help in flowers blooming at the right time.

Weeping cherry trees are easy to grow and require less maintenance. They grow well when the soil is moist. And also, how you take care of your plant is the most important thing you should remember. The plant requires more water because of excessive sunlight in summer. So take care of your weeping cherry tree with proper care. 

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

How to Grow Weeping Cherry Tree?

Two ways can be used to grow weeping cherry tree. One is through planting root balls while the other is to propagate through cuttings.

We will discuss both the ways in this article that will help you grow weeping cherry tree. You can choose either of these methods to grow a weeping cherry tree in your garden and have beautiful blossoms in the season. 

So, let’s now waste further time, have a look at both the methods to grow weeping cherry tree. 

Method 1: Plant Root Balls

Although it’s easy to learn how to plant Weeping cherry trees using root balls, proper planting is essential to ensure good growth.

Here are specific requirements to follow that will help you to grow weeping cherry tree using root balls. 

Step 1: Choosing the Right Location

To plant your weeping cherry tree choose the right location that receives a good amount of sunlight and well-drained soil to thrive. At the same time, different weeping cherry varieties require different soil structures. But a good amount of sunlight means 6-8 hours of full sun daily with some shade protection from the extreme sun during the afternoon for weeping cherry trees. 

Step 2: Dig a Hole for Planting Root Balls

Once you have an ideal location, dig a hole as deep as a root ball to plant your weeping cherry tree. And dig as twice as wide as your tree’s root ball to accommodate maximum space it will grow. 

Step 3: Plant the Tree in the Soil

If you are using a small plant, place the tree into the ready hole and backfill the soil firmly to remove any air pockets. Then water it to settle the tree’s roots. You can also mulch all around the adjacent area of the soil to conserve moisture. But avoid mulching right away under the tree trunk

Also, read a detailed guide on how to prepare the soil for planting in pots if you thinking to grow something in containers.

Step 4: Stake the Tree Early with Proper Support

After planting your cherry tree, you may also want to support the tree with a stake during the first year. As the young trees are heavy if not staked early, they might collapse and grow along the ground. So staking with support is the best method to grow weeping cherry tree for at least the first year for a robust root system

These are all the steps you should be following to grow weeping cherry tree if you are using root balls. If you are an impatient person like me, you can use softwood cuttings to grow weeping cherry tree. The next section will help you learn the process. 

Method 2: Grow a Weeping Cherry Tree Using Cuttings

Do you know you can grow weeping cherry trees with softwood cuttings?. The plant will be ready to transplant within a year using the cuttings.

You can start this process in the spring season. After young leaves formed on the branches, the tree’s blossom faded. To start the process, you need to follow these steps below:

  1. First, find a nursery pot with adequate drainage, and fill it with soilless media. It can be peat moss, sand, perlite, or a combination of all these
  2. Secondly, soak the media in water and allow the excess water to drain out
  3. Then cut off the top branch of a weeping cherry tree from a 3 – 6inch spot where the leaf node is present. Expose the node by pulling off the leaves. Apply the rooting hormone to leaf nodes and the cut end
  4. Then place the cut end into the nursery pot with the leaf node below the surface of the media
  5. Place the pot in an indoor area that receives indirect sunlight. Water the soilless media when you feel the top inch is dry
  6. After about a month, gently tug into the cuttings and check for any root development
  7. If the roots have formed, you can transfer the cutting into a nursery pot filled with a rich potting soil mix
  8. Now in the fall month, you can transplant the cuttings outdoors. Before that, place the pot in direct sunlight for about a week. 

And that is how you can use the softwood cuttings to grow weeping cherry tree. Start growing it in a pot and then transplant it in the outdoors when it is robust. 

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How to Care for Weeping Cherry Tree?

Till now, you have learned how to grow weeping cherry tree in your garden but keeping good care of your plant is important too.

Weeping cherry trees are carefree and can survive with less maintenance. But it is prone to pests and diseases, so extra attention is required to take care of these trees. Here are a few conditions to follow if you choose to grow weeping cherry tree. 

1. Add Fertilizer Every Year

Feed it annually with a slow-release fertilizer or compost in early spring to promote new growth for your weeping cherry tree. 

2. Ideal Temperature

Weeping cherry trees are one such ornamental plant that can tolerate both cold and hot climates. But it is not suitable to grow in extreme heat or cold climates

3. Light Requirements

Weeping cherry in bloom is a magnificent sight to behold, so plant your tree in full sun. A good amount of sunlight will encourage a spectacular bloom and discourage fungal growth. 

4. Type of Soil Needed

Weeping cherry trees like well-drained loamy soil that drains excess water. So prefer a rich draining soil for your weeping cherry tree, as soggy soil will lead to root rot

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

5. Water

Regularly water your weeping cherry tree during the growing season. Especially about two or three times a week during the year it’s planted. The soil should be moist, but don’t allow the root to sit soggy soil. Instead, allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

These are some of the caring tips that you should follow while growing weeping cherry tree. 

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How to do Pruning of Weeping Cherry Tree?

Do you know why you need to prune a weeping cherry tree? So the answer is basically to keep the tree in its style and shape and avoid its branches growing into an unruly tree.

As the weeping cherry tree proliferates and reaches a height of about 10 – ft during the spring and summer months, it becomes challenging to prune the tree. So regularly pruning helps keep your tree under control and allows you to keep it in style and shape

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

When your weeping cherry tree starts to establish itself in the garden, all the pruning that you’ve done over the years will leave you with a magnificent manicured tree in your garden. Here are specific instructions to prune your weeping cherry tree. 

  • Pruning is an easy process; all you need to do is prune or cut off the dead branches to promote growth in the growing season. 
  • You will find new sprouts at the bottom during the spring, which don’t have weeping capabilities and should be pruned off immediately.
  • You can also prune damaged or diseased branches year-round
  • When pruning, cut at a 45- degree angle at the plant’s trunk; this method will allow the plants to grow. Cleaning also helps in getting rid of pests and improves plant life.
  • Moreover, thin out the tree’s branches to prevent them from touching one another

These are all the weeping cherry tree pruning tips that will help you to keep your tree healthy, full of blossoms, and in shape. 

How to Protect Weeping Cherry Tree From Pests and Diseases?

Weeping cherry trees are susceptible to a host of pests and diseases during the growing season. However, with quick identification and proper care, you will be able to control potential pest problems.

Trees planted in flower beds are more prone to pests than pots. There is a risk of contamination at all the planting locations, so you need to watch the tree throughout the year. 

Grow Weeping Cherry Tree

If the pest infestation is severe, treating the problem at the earliest time will result in minimal damage. Consider spraying down the tree with an organic insecticide, and neem oil will chase the pests away from attacking your plants

Many diseases are preventable with proper care and hygiene. So make sure your plant gets adequate airflow around the leaves, as weeping cherry trees are susceptible to diseases like powdery mildew, rot, and canker. Grow weeping cherry tree in preferred soil conditions with good drainage is best to avoid diseases. 

Add Dash of Colors with Weeping Cherry Tree!

So, this is all for now if you want to grow weeping cherry tree in your garden. Weeping cherry trees are eye-catching additions to your garden. However, weeping cherries grow and bloom best in full sun and tolerate light shade. Therefore, it is best to plant in the early spring season for excellent bloom.

With the above caring and growing tips, you will be able to grow a spectacular weeping cherry tree that will elevate your landscape with its cluster of colorful blooms. 

Do you like weeping cherry tree flowers? Would you grow weeping cherry tree? Do let us know in the comment section below. 


Do weeping cherry trees have attractive foliage at all?

Weeping cherry trees have more attractive foliage during spring than their pale foliage color in the fall season. 

What is the biggest con to planting a weeping cherry tree? 

The biggest con to planting a weeping cherry tree is that it requires extra care in the growing period and is prone to more pests and diseases. 

What is the best time of the year to plant a weeping cherry tree? 

Weeping cherry trees are easy to grow and adaptable trees for all climates. The best time to plant this tree is during early spring or late fall. 

How often should I water a newly planted weeping cherry tree?

As soon as the plant is established, water it two to three times a week and fertilize it every two weeks. 

Are weeping cherry trees hard to grow?

Weeping cherry trees are easy to grow, but they need proper maintenance and good soil drainage to prevent pest attacks. Pruning the tree will keep them in good shape and healthy. 

How long do weeping cherries trees live?

Weeping cherry trees have a shorter lifespan of 10 – 15 years.

Do weeping cherry trees need full sun?

Weeping cherry trees enjoy the full sun and tolerate light shade. But plant the tree at the right location that receives at least 8-12 hours of sunlight per day.

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