How to Plant, Grow and Care Hibiscus

Are you ready to decorate your garden with enthralling hibiscus flowers? In this blog, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to grow hibiscus and care for them. We will help you to grow hibiscus tree successfully in your garden. Stay on this page!

Grow Hibiscus Tree

Hibiscus flowers enhance the beauty of the garden but are also helpful in attracting hummingbirds and attract butterflies.

There are different species of the hibiscus that you can grow in your garden for decorative purposes.

In fact, we posted an article sometime before showcasing some of the most common types of hibiscus tree varieties that people can grow.

In this article, we not only featured a list of 25 hibiscus flowers but also the growing conditions that can help you choose according to the place where you live. 

However, when it comes to growing a hibiscus tree, the steps are almost the same. This is why we wrote this article if you are interested in knowing how to grow hibiscus tree in your garden. Keep on reading!

What is Hibiscus

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus is a perennial species with disc-shaped, bigger in size and color petals. There are more than 200 species of hibiscus varieties available that you can grow in your garden.

Out of all, rose mallow, rose of Sharon, and swamp hibiscus is some of the popular species to grow in the garden.

Rose of Sharon can reach 12 feet and have 10-12 inches of big flowers. You can choose semi-dwarf varieties for gardening purposes.

And there are lot more hibiscus tree varieties that you can choose according to your location. 

Grow Hibiscus Tree

How to Grow Hibiscus

Coming to the most important part of the article where we will help you learn how to grow hibiscus tree from the scratch.

Following this below guide, we are sure you will soon grow hibiscus tree that will bear lovely flowers in the blooming time. 

To grow hibiscus tree, you need to follow two stages that we have covered extensively in this below section. Have a look! 

Stage 1. Preparation

The first stage of growing hibiscus tree is more of selecting the variety to grow, when to plant and where to plant.

1. Select the Best Variety of Hibiscus

There are so many varieties of hibiscus flowers available. They all are different in color, texture, and size.

There are two primary varieties available: hardy and tropical. The best way to choose the desired variety is to know which flower variety can grow in your location. 

Hardy can survive in the cold region, whereas tropical can survive better in a tropical climate.

Moreover, tropical hibiscus can grow to its full potential but die within two to three days. At the same time, hardy hibiscus can bloom for longer and survive longer. 

2. Choose the Appropriate Method

Many people prefer to grow plants with seeds, but some use the propagation method with stem cutting. Growing with seeds may take a longer time than cuttings.

So, if you want something easier to grow, stem cutting is the right choice for you.

If you’re a beginner, then avoid growing with cutting. Because it is very difficult to grow hibiscus tree from cuttings as this method requires utmost caring conditions.

We would suggest you go to a nearby nursery and buy a potted hibiscus. You can transplant it in your garden directly and have beautiful flowers in no time.

3. Best Time to Plant

The best time to plant hibiscus is during summers or once the winter season ends. Moreover, you can also wait for the temperature to rise.

It should range from 16-21 degrees celsius to support the plant’s growth. However, if the temperature drops, wait for some time to grow plants.

4. Select the Ideal Location

Hibiscus flowers flourish under the sun. However, they can’t handle extreme sunlight.

So, do ensure to choose that location where they can receive at least four to six hours of light but remain cool. Ideally, prefer to have the south-facing direction of the garden. 

If possible, test the soil. It should be less acidic and enriched with vital nutrients. Also, try to choose a location with a good drainage system. 

5. Prepare The Soil Bed

Hibiscus grows optimally in good soil texture. So, it would be great to prepare the soil bed. The pH of the soil must be 6.5.

Enrich the soil with vital nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to support plant growth.

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Stage 2. Time for Planting

The above stage was to prepare everything to grow hibiscus tree. This section will help you to plant your hibiscus plant. Let’s check how to do that. 

1. Create a Hole into Soil

Now take a garden shovel and make the hole for planting. However, the hole should be deeper enough to support the root.

Loose the soil so that it helps to maintain drainage and aeration. In a cold climate, you can plant the seed deeper than usual. 

2. Plant Hibiscus

It’s time to plant your hibiscus. Carefully dig the hole and place the root stem of hibiscus plant. Cover it with the soil and ensure only to cover it till the base of the stem. 

Make sure you water the plant 2-3 times consecutively after planting. This will reduce the transplant shock.

3. Water Plant Regularly

Hibiscus flowers require a large amount of water to bloom. So, do ensure to keep the plant moist during the summer season.

If possible, then water plants twice a week. Try to avoid drying the soil because the dryness of the soil can cause wilting of the plant.

4. Keep a Check on Pest

You can add an extra layer of mulch to protect the hibiscus plant from pest attacks. Mulching is also helpful in protecting the plant from weeds and retaining moisture.

If you observe any weeds, pull them out before it consumes nutrients from the soil.

If you notice the dead and decaying leaves, it may be a sign of a pest attack. Use organic insecticide to control the pest attack.

5. Prune Regularly

Pruning of the plant is essential to promote the growth of the flowers. Cut out the dead twigs and leaves.

Make sure to cut at an angle to support the plant’s growth. If you see any part of the plant die, remove it. Also, remove the mature flowers to let other flowers bloom.

This is all the information you need to grow hibiscus tree successfully. Following all the steps above will ensure a healthy and blooming hibiscus tree in your garden.

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Can We Grow Hibiscus in a Container

If you have space issues, you can easily grow hibiscus in the container. It is easier to transfer the hibiscus at any place if you grow them into the pot.

Before you start planting, take only those pots with a well-draining system and encourage the growth of the hibiscus. 

If you are using a clayey pot, it may make your soil slightly alkaline after some time. So, try to have a stone pot if you want to grow hibiscus tree in containers properly.

How to Propagate Hibiscus

Start with softwood cutting and ensure to choose those branches that aren’t mature yet. The stem should be soft so that it easily grows in the container.

Make sure to cut the stem at least 4-6 inches long. It would be great to have those items that have leaves on them. 

Now, fill the container with the soil and add compost. Place the cutting into the soil and pour some water.

You can also propagate hibiscus into the container with the seed. The seeds will produce sprouts within two to four weeks.

However, you need to maintain the right condition and supply fertilizers timely

How to Reach Blooming Stage Faster

Hibiscus has a short blooming cycle and lives for a shorter time. Moreover, the flowers may last only for two to three days.

But sometimes, you notice a delay in the blooming time. The growing season of the hibiscus is from early spring to last fall.

So, if you want to get blooming faster, ensure to maintain the ideal temperature and keep your plant protected from extreme heat and cold.

Aside from this, you can add fertilizers to support plant growth.

Grow Hibiscus Tree

If you observe deadhead, then perform deadheading. This helps to bloom faster but try to maintain nutrition and keep them in sunlight for at least six hours a day to promote blooming. 

How to Care for Hibiscus

Hibiscus may be an easy-growing plant and doesn’t need much care during the growing season. However, it would be great to follow some caring tips to keep them growing. 

Step 1: Water hibiscus plants deeply at least twice a week during extreme heat conditions.

Step 2: Mulch the plan during winter conditions. It helps to retain moisture and maintain the ideal temperature for the plant’s growth.

Grow Hibiscus Tree

Step 3: If there are dead twigs and branches, perform pruning. It helps to grow new branches. Do ensure to perform pruning during the spring season.

Step 4: Apply an adequate amount of fertilizers to support the growth of the plant.

Step 5: Remove mature flowers so that new flowers can bloom. You can also remove the flowers once they start forming seeds.

Step 6: These are some of the caring tips that can help you healthily grow hibiscus tree and ensure lots of blooming.

Hibiscus Tree Varieties

Would you Grow Hibiscus Tree

This is all we have for you to grow hibiscus tree in your garden. 

Hibiscus can be grown in tropical climates easily. Some people grow hibiscus because of its medicinal value.

It helps in soothing headaches and is beneficial for hair. So, now you have the complete guide on how to grow this plant successfully. 

This has a short blooming life but is very easy to grow. Make sure to supply fertilizers timely to support the growth of the plant.

Also, do ensure to protect the plant from diseases and pests. Here you go! Keep following the guide and enjoy growing colorful hibiscus flowers in your garden. 

Do you have any hibiscus tree in your garden? Planning to grow one? Do let us know your thoughts about the article we have written?

And if you have any other tips to make our site more informative, we are all ears.


  1. What is hibiscus?

    Hibiscus is a perennial species with disc-shaped, bigger in size and color petals. There are more than 200 species of hibiscus varieties available that you can grow in your garden.

  2. How to grow hibiscus?

    The first stage of growing hibiscus tree is more of selecting the variety to grow, when to plant and where to plant. Secord stage is how to plant hibiscus tree.

  3. Why are my hibiscus leaves turning yellow?

    Checkout this detailed guide of 9 reasons for yellow leaves on plants.

  4. How do I ensure faster growth of hibiscus tree?

    To ensure fast growth, make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients. Before planting, you can add compost and earthworm castings.

  5. How long do hibiscus trees live?

    Newer hybrids have a lifespan of around 5-10 years while the older varieties can be easily lived for more than 50 years.

  6. Is hibiscus poisonous?

    No, according to the studies, flowers and leaves are non-toxic to humans. However, it can irritate pets.

  7. Why is my hibiscus not flowering?

    This might be because of the following reasons: your plant is not receiving four to six hours of sunlight, overwatering, or overdosage of fertilizers.

  8. What kind of soil is apt for growing hibiscus?

    Well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients is great to grow hibiscus tree.

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